10 Commandments of Graphic Design

1. Though shall not use Photoshop to Design Logos:

Understand the difference between Raster and Vector formats and use the tools accordingly.

2. Thou Shall not use Helvetica’s name in vain:

Helvetica is one of the most elegant and respected fonts in the graphic design realm. Treat it with respect dignity that it deserves.

3. Thou shall not use Comic Sans:

This is one of the most deadly sins. If you have uttered the words graphic design in your life, then that forbids you to use comic sans ever. Let’s throw in Papyrus to it while we are at it.

4. Thou shall not steal:

Getting inspired is different from stealing. Very different, indeed. Never ever take credit for someone else’s work or use it without their consent. Give all due credit where ever necessary.

5. Thou shall never stretch a font:

 A font is never ever to be stretched. Learn all you need to know about fonts, especially kerning.

6. Thou shall learn the difference between CMYK and RGB:

Choosing the wrong colour format will have a drastic effect on the final product. Do your colours suddenly start looking different in print? This is mostly the issue.

7. Thou shall honour thy whitespace:

Whitespaces are absolutely breathtaking when used correctly. Use it wisely.

8. Thou shall always proofread. Twice:

Proofreading takes just a minute and saves you from becoming extremely popular for the wrong reasons.

9. Thou shall live and die by the grid:

Never underestimate the powers of symmetry. Just following the rules of the grid, respecting crop marks and bleeds will improve the quality of your design drastically.

10. Thou shall save. and save often:

There are very few things in life that feel like accidentally closing the design and realizing that you have not saved it.

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