Why Go Social?

Connectivity supersedes individualism and for a business entity it establishes an even bigger immune system. Social media and social networking websites have been evolving since the dawn of human interactions and in present time business organizations are increasingly covering a larger ground on a daily basis. There is no denying in the fact that every business thrives on it’s marketing perspectives and strategies and therefore for an entity to grow to its speak an unbreakable marketing platform is a significant necessity and social media fulfills that in all forms.

If you look at history the beginning of digital marketing came to light when the emergence of computers became sophisticated in the 1980s. At the very beginning nobody knew that it would turn out to be this complex but by the 90s it all became clear when computers were used to store huge amounts of customer and product related information. Today it is all right in front of our eyes.

Social networking websites didn’t came out only with the introduction of facebook and twitter but they started right from the 80s with forums like the BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and then it travelled its journey to what we have today and attached along with it the benefits of implementing business knowledge and marketing development.

Today social media advertising generates a revenue of more than 7 billion $, per year and predicts to elevate itself to 11 billion $ in the by the next year. There is a reason for all this, there is a reason why every business organization during its establishment has to go on creating a separate unit for social media to generate a marketing body that will cover that base. The branched reason being awareness. When a business goes social it tailors a web of awareness based on the the demographic information and people’s attitudes developing for itself a target audience that will help the business grow.

We know for a fact that about one billion people right now are active on facebook and more than 300 million on twitter and according to the statistics about 51% of the marketers use facebook as a platform to spread out their businesses. There are numerous technological utilities one enjoys when one decides to take his business to the world of social network.

Firstly, it generates exposure. Social media provides opportunities for companies to be the top choices for their customers by exposing them with an advertising approach according to the needs and choices of the people. Increased exposure is one of the top benefits a business enjoys when it enters a social networking website.

Secondly, it develops an everlasting source of updated information that helps companies save time while manufacturing and marketing for new products. Big sports companies like adidas, nike thrive on social media as they pre-launch their new products on it which gathers their audience before it even enters the actual market.

Thirdly, it expands traffic and helps in bringing customers from a linkedin page to the business’s actual website. According to a survey about 70% of marketers found that social media activities expanded traffic to their website while 75% of businesses engaging in social media activities for a year or more reported an even bigger increase in traffic.

Lastly, and as said in the very first line, it establishes connectivity. There is no way a startup can even begin without it’s members thinking about how to go social for it. Every restaurant today, has a facebook page and which allows people to rate it accordingly and also maintain a track of its online ambience, every boutique has a twitter account where it posts the trending matches on a daily basis.

It’s fair to say that we live and trade not in a socialized world but in the world of social media. It is a set of networks that has gulped down the entire world of business and the people in it. ‘An app for everything’ is more likely to become a leading phrase and a facebook page has taken a position of a “requirement” while building any sort of business whether it is corporation or a household business

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